TCK9 Emergency

Our Mission

TCK9 Emergency exists to educate rescue dog owners on how to communicate effectively with their rescue dogs in order to (1) build healthy home structure, (2) prevent and remedy behavior canine issues, and ultimately (3) prevent  further rehoming.

The Process

— How it works

We work with local dog rescue organizations to proactively work with owners immediately upon adopting a new dog. Because we view obedience training as the key to all other behavior issues, we start our TCK9 Emergency adopters in our OD101 course and assess further needs from there. 

While it’s never too late to begin training to rectify behavior issues, our goal is to begin working with owners within 60 days of their adoption. 

What's My Motto

You are ultimately responsible for your dog. Good or bad, you have to take a look in the mirror.

— Sidney Dozier, Director of Education


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